Amino acid composition searching (Was: database question)

Keith Robison robison1 at
Fri Jan 28 09:06:24 EST 1994


	Analytical Biochemistry 198, 330-333
	Biochem Soc Trans 6:787
	Biotechniques 12:886

The Sibbald et al program from the Anal.Bioch. ref is available
by FTP, but I forget both the address & the name of the program.

There was also a PNAS paper in the last year or so, I think by
Shaw.  I can't find the reference right now.  

Good places to look for this sort of query is Amos Bairoch's
SeqAnalRef and Sarah Barron's GenTools Bibliography, both available
from the GDB gopher (   I found the three refs above
with NetEntrez.

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