sensitive assay for amines

Manpreet S Wadhwa mwadhwa at
Fri Jan 28 02:19:19 EST 1994

Hello netters,

lately i've been working with polylysine of different chain lengths.

i need to start using a sensitive assay for routine and reliable quantitation
of amines (polylysine) in my samples. the assay needs to be very sensitive
in order to quantitate sub-nanomole levels of amines. a preliminary literature
search and a look at pierce catalog revealed many potential methods:

ninhydrin method
coomasie dye method
o-pthalaldehyde method
trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid method
dansyl chloride method

both a spectrophotometer and a fluorimeter are available to me so i can
use any of these methods. which assay would you recommend for
a)reliability b)sensitivity c)robustness with different sample conditions
d)convenience and rapidity

maybe this is faq. if so, please direct me to an archive.

please post your responses to this group or email me direct at
wadhwa at ohstphrm.bitnet . If there is sufficient interest in this topic
i will post a summary.

manpreet s. wadhwa
grad student
division of pharmaceutics
ohio state university

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