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Sat Jan 29 15:09:42 EST 1994


	I am desparately seeking information regarding the 3-dimensional
conformation of parathyroid hormone.  Basically, I want ot know how big 
the protein is (ie. Angstroms across, etc.).  I've checked any and all
reference material in the medical library that I could find with no luck
(ie. Biology Data Book, CRC, Merck, etc.).  Does anybody out there know
of any reference that lists such data?

	I also have one other question.  As I am not a biologist or biochemist
by training, I am not very familiar (at all) with analytical methods in the
field, but.......What I am trying to do is determine the diffusional behavior
of the hormone through a micro-porous substrate into solution.  Since PTH is
so darn expensive, I was wondering if it might be possible to use a substitute that would mimic, in particular, its geometrical size/shape and substrate-binding behavior (note:  emulation of interactions with other biomolecules is not
necessary).  For all I know, such an approach could be completely out of
the question, or it might be a standard method readily applied in the lab.
Any input or advise here would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks a bunch.

Keith Lobel
University of Florida

KDLST1 at ufcc.ufl.edu

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