Albumin binding to Nucleic Acids

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Sun Jan 30 22:25:23 EST 1994

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>I know that BSA is routinely used to stabilize or 'cushion' proteins that
>are in dilute buffers and this can lead to increased sp activity for
>enzymes. Could it be that the BSA is favorably affecting the RT rather
>than interacting with the NA?

bsa apparently stabilizes many enzymes in dilute solution by preventing their
aggregation or non-specific adsorption at interfacial surfaces. stabilization
may also be afforded by glycerol or detergents like triton-x100.

related reference: Suelter,C.H. and DeLuca M., "How to prevent losses of
proteins by adsorption to glass and plastic" Anal Biochem 135, 112-119 (1983).

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