Phosphorylation of Proteins - Detection?

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Mon Jul 18 12:55:06 EST 1994

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>>> G'day all,
>>>         Does anyone know of a NON-radioactive procedure for testing
> whether a 
>>> protein is phosphorylated or not? 
>       Western blot after immunoprecipitation (or not) would be the
> non-radioactive method of choice if you have little material to start
> with. Unfortunately, commercial anti-phosphotyrosine antibodies often
> display quite different specificity. And antiphosphoserine and -thr are
> sold by Sigma, but I have not seen lately any publication mentionning
> their use ??
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WE have used a monoclonal antiphosphoserine made by Sigma and it has worked
very well on western blots.  We used the antibody to detect phosphorylated
connexin proteins and the results were good.


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