Recombinant proteins expressed in plants

Flip Hoedemaeker, CvF RUL/TNO, Leiden sbtnfh at
Wed Jul 27 05:32:55 EST 1994

In article <16FFF1237CS86.DCRCEP at>, DCRCEP at (Elmer M. Price) writes:
>Hello folks
>I am curious whether I can over-express my favorite recombinant protein (an
>integral membrane protein) in plants.  The protein is normally expressed
>in mammalian tissues.  We have had some success using the baculovirus
>expression system, but wish to try other systems.  I heard that some
>recombinant human proteinshave been expressed in potatoes.
>Any references or advice would be appreciated

Hi Elmer,

expression of heterologous proteins in plants is relatively simple. There is 
a very simple transformation method availible for tobacco (try this first!)
Read: Horsch et al Science 227: 1229-1231 (1985).
There are good expression vectors and promoters availible, everywhere around
in good plant mol. biol. labs., ask around. 
I don't know about mammalian membrane proteins though. I haven't read about
that, maybe you should just try. Selecting the right promoter will be crucial,
select one from a plant membrane protein, not a high expresser like the 35S. 
The best thing to do is ask assistance from plant people nearby.
Good luck!

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