determining oligomeric structure of a protein

Ding Ming ming at
Sat Mar 5 11:48:38 EST 1994

> > We would also like to try native page but the protein is very basic (computer 
> > calculated pI of 10.3).  I would thus welcome suggestions for native gels of 
> > basic proteins and suitable standards for basic proteins.

Check H. R. Maurer's "Disc Electrophoresis and related techniques of PAGE",

There is an excellent acid system for native page of basic protein and I
modified it with a gradient gel and it gave out a reasonable resolution.
For protein standard, you may use Thaumatin or Monellin and both of them
are very water soluble and available from Sigma. Keep in mind that these
standards can only tell you if the system runs ok and nothing else can be
concluded from them because they have different m/e or e/m from your

Good luck!
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