Intro to NMR in protein structure...

Prasad, Krishna Prasad at
Mon Mar 7 11:30:13 EST 1994

>I am wondering if someone can recommend good introductory book(s) on NMR,
>especially on application of the techniques to protein structure 
>-Mingshun Liu
I would recommend the following:

(1) "Modern NMR Techniques for Chemistry Research" (Andrew Derome, Pergamon 
     Press, 1987). ISBN #0-08-32513-0

(2) "Biological Applications of Magnetic Resonance" (ed. R.G. Shulman,
     Academic Press, 1979). ISBN # 0-12-640750-9

(3) Methods in Enzymology, "NMR" Vol. 176 & 177 (Ed. N. J. Oppenheimer &
    T. L. James). Academic Press, 1989, 1990.

These are the books that come to my mind, first.
Good Luck!

Krishna Prasad,
NRC Institute for Biological Sciences
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6, Canada

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