Protein Kinase peptide inhibitors

Dave Bates dobates at
Mon Mar 7 23:15:30 EST 1994

Does anyone know of any natural or synthetic peptide inhibitors which
are specific for kinases involved in the signal transduction, or cell
signalling, or cytoskeltal pathways, eg Myosin Light Chain Kinase,
Protein Kinase C, MAP Kinase, etc. They have to be peptides/proteins,
preferably which have been sequenced, or which have cDNAs available.

The only one like this that I'm aware of, or could find in a library
search were cAMPD dependent PKI, and an MLCK inhibitor which also
inhibits the phosphatase, and may not be as useful to me as I had


Dave Bates,                                        dobates at
Department of Human Physiology, University of California at Davis

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