Summary: Intro to NMR in protein structure determination

Minghsun Liu mingliu at
Wed Mar 9 21:58:53 EST 1994

Sorry for the delay for posting this summary.  Here is the summary of replies
to my query about good introductory text to NMR in protein structure
determination.  Many thanx to those who replied: Mathew Ravington, Kevin
Gardner, mbarg at, John Cort, Prasad Krishna, Jo Ellen Stein,
Lorne Taylor, and Christopher Cilley.

The books mentioned by almost everyone is:

"NMR of Proteins and Nucleic Acid" by Kurt Wuthrich (1986, Wiley) - general
comments seem to be that it's a bit dated; and doesn't cover the newer
techniques and the actual details of carrying out experiments to collect
the data but is still a good intro.

A more recent book mentioned by several is:

"NMR of Macromolecues - A Practical Approach" edited by GCK Roberts
(1993) - this book is fairly recent. (As a matte of fact, my favorite
local tech book dealer, Quantum Books, said it was due out last November
but the store hasn't received it yet.)

And the three books mentioned in Prishad Krishna's post:

(1) "Modern NMR Techniques for Chemistry Research" (Andrew Derome, Pergamon 
     Press, 1987). ISBN #0-08-32513-0

(2) "Biological Applications of Magnetic Resonance" (ed. R.G. Shulman,
     Academic Press, 1979). ISBN # 0-12-640750-9

(3) Methods in Enzymology, "NMR" Vol. 176 & 177 (Ed. N. J. Oppenheimer &
    T. L. James). Academic Press, 1989, 1990.

Book (1) was recommended to Jo Ellen Stein by someone who taught a
grad-level NMR course.

And finally, Brandon and Tooze's "Introduction to Protein Structure" was
mentioned as one with a brief, one-chapter overview of the application
of NMR.

And that's pretty much it.

Good luck and enjoy!

- Ming

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