p53 protein sequences

T. S. Pillay tpillay at ucsd.edu
Sun Mar 13 16:41:58 EST 1994

Subject: p53 protein sequences
From: John-Luke Picard, jons at picard.cs.wisc.edu
Date: 13 Mar 1994 20:38:52 GMT
In article <2lvtks$nge at spool.cs.wisc.edu> John-Luke Picard,
jons at picard.cs.wisc.edu writes:
>Hi There:
>	I'm interested in knowing both the protein sequences and structure
>	of the p53 tumor suppressor gene. I'm having problem in searching
>	all these information form the Medline. If you have information
>	concerning this ...please email me . Besides, information
>	concerning the post transcription mRNA regulation will be
>	helpful as well...
>	Thanks....
>	email address: jons at picard.cs.wisc.edu
You can access sequences by tel netting to various fileservers which
carry Genbank sequences or you can get the sequence Emailed to you by
sending an Email message to Genbank at NIH.

In order to get full instructions on how to use the RETRIEVE Email server
send  an Email message to retrieve at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov with the word "help"
in the message.

Example of a search:
(Send this message as is from your Email link):
DATALIB  genbank
p53  [key]

address it to retrieve at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

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