Programs for viewing protein structure

Cornelius Krasel krasel at
Sun Mar 20 15:11:54 EST 1994

Mark Gosink (GOSINK at MACC.WISC.EDU) wrote:
:    Does anyone know of any shareware (preferably freeware but at
: least "cheap"ware) for the PC where one could enter X-ray
: cystallographic data (such as from Brookhaven Protein Data Base) and obtain
: a space-filling or a ribbon drawing of a protein. Speed is
: unimportant but low cost is.

I think Rasmol is "free"ware. It runs under MS Windows (among others),
and I think it can directly read PDB input. I don't know a ftp site

There is also Kinemage which also runs under MS Windows (see most
recent Trends Biochem. Sci. for an article about it), but unfortunately
it can't read PDB input directly (you have to convert it with the
accompanying program PKIN). See article for ftp site.


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