Protein Structure Prediction Call For Papers

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Tue Mar 22 15:28:58 EST 1994


		      Protein Structure Prediction

	Call for Papers for a Biotechnology Computing Minitrack

		   Maui, Hawaii  -  January 3-6, 1995

	     Co-Chairs: Richard H. Lathrop, A. Keith Dunker

The Biotechology Computing Track of HICSS-28 will offer a wide range of
computational biotechnology topics extending throughout the entire conference.  

There will be a special full-day session, or minitrack, focusing on
computational approaches to protein structure prediction.  This minitrack will
bring together researchers who have taken widely divergent approaches to the
problem, in order to explore the possibility of constructive interaction and
integration of methods in a workshop-like atmosphere.  All accepted papers will
be published by IEEE in the conference proceedings.  

The minitrack invites novel computational approaches to protein structure
prediction, including (but not limited to):

direct folding methods
"inverse" protein folding
homology-derived techniques
tertiary topology prediction
native versus incorrect folds
amino acid packing constraints
amino acid environments
secondary structure prediction
lattice folding methods
motif recognition
side-chain conformation
residue-residue contact studies
synthetic energy potentials
main chain torsion angle analysis
statistics or machine learning

Preferred papers should make testable predictions.  Predictive accuracy should
be quantified and compared;  with controls for homology and cross-validation
stated explicitly.  We encourage papers that exploit the large existing 
databases, including motif discovery, machine learning,
probabilistic/statistical, empirical knowledge-based, and related methods. 


	Papers due (6 copies) to minitrack co-chair: June 14, 1994
	Notification of paper acceptances:  August 31, 1994
	CAMERA READY COPY DUE to Minitrack co-chair: October 1, 1994
	The Conference Itself is January 3-6, 1995, Maui, Hawaii

Send papers and correspondence to:

		A. Keith Dunker
		Department of Biochemistry/Biophysics
		Washington State University
		Pullman, WA 99164-4660
		(509) 335-5322 (voice)
		(509) 335-9688 (fax)
		Dunker at (email)


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