Dynamic Light Scattering of Proteins

Michael Frederi Richardson richard at whale.st.usm.edu
Fri Mar 25 14:57:36 EST 1994

This is a repost of a question posed a couple of weeks ago.  Apparently,
the posting gets deleted after only a couple of days on the newsgroup so I
have to post several time to get several responses.

	Is there anyone available who can provide me with some information
about the use of dynamic light scattering of proteins in solution?  I am
currently working with several amphipathic proteins and would like any
information about work that has been done with other proteins.  If you or
anyone you know of/work with/read about have done any lit searches or
preferably experiments, I would greatly appreciate the correspondence.

				Thanks in advance,
				Michael Richardson
				richard at whale.st.usm.edu

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