Resolving LMW proteins

ajayaram at ajayaram at
Mon Mar 28 18:02:07 EST 1994

Hi there,

I'm trying to run a 8 kd protein on a SDS get but I'm having some problems
getting it to show up due to its small size.  I've tried 10, 12 and 15
percent gels but the but the protein doesn't seem to be there ( the problem is
obscured by the fact this protein is being made after an induction and the coli 
proteins interfere with seeing the bottom of the lane where the 8 kd protein
would presumably run.)  I've tried running the gels without loading dye in the
sample buffer thinking that the dye front would obscure the 8 kD band.  This
didn't help.  If anyone has any suggestions about resolving low molecular
weight proteins please respond by posting in this group or emailing me
directly.  Thanks.

ajayaram at

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