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|>On Thu, 24 Mar 1994, Brian Ellis - lab wrote:
|>> Here is problem that i haven't encountered before.  After FPLC i
|>attempt to 
|>> concentrate the fractions in centricon/centriprep tube (MW cutoff
|>10K), it 
|>> appears that my protein precipitates out of solution.  Has anyone
|>> encountered this problem.  The protein is 78 kD in size and is found
|>in native 
|>> state as a tetramer.  
|>	I'm using centricon to concentrate a trypsin derivated from it 
|>reaction with a free radical and after concentration we can't find our
|>protein. At first we thought that the membrane was bad but now we
|>that our protein in suffering autolysis, could it be your case ?

	I had rather a bizarre problem with a recombinant protein I was making.
It behaved quite happily until I tried putting it into low salt ready
for Xtallization trials.  After some head scratching, I finally
discovered that I got good concentration and recovery in 100 - 200 mM
salt, but down at 10 - 20 mM salt (and lower) it took an age to
concentrate, and the recoveries were lousy.  So now I concentrate in 200
mM Tris, 20 mM NaCl down to >40 mg/ml protein, take it well away from
any damn centricons, and dilute it to working conc with H2O.  It seems
quite happy like that :-)

	P.S.  A minor contaminant of the prep was found to behave normally and
its relative abundance therefore increased quite dramatically.

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