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> Does anyone know the foremost research center in protein folding?  Also,
> what is the latest, most comprehensive reference or review on this topic?
One could argue for many places being foremost in the protein folding field, however,
the field is generally well dispersed over a number of labs, each with their own
particular slant on the problem.  Baldwin at Stanford is one the "biggies" and his
review articles are among the most cited (esp Ann. Review Bioch.(ARB)(1982) v. 51, 
p. 459 and ARB (1990) v. 59, p. 631).  These are written with Peter Kim, now at the 
Whitehead Inst., Boston, who has a strong folding group himself.  A.R. Fersht at Cambridge, although he joined the field later has done much to make up for lost time
and has quite a bit published in folding.  And there are many others doing good work. 

Creighton's books are a good place to start before delving into the literature.
Matthews (C.R.) also had a very readable review in ARB (1993)v.62, p.653 (although 
I'm maybe a little biased).  The journal Current Opinion in Structural Biology is filled with mini-reviews of various aspects in the field as well.  


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