fuzzy bands on SDS gels

Dr. W. Greenhale wgreenha at crc.ac.uk
Tue May 3 06:45:09 EST 1994

Hello Netters,

I'm afraid I'm not much of a protein person but even I have to run the
occasional SDS-PAGE gel.  Most of the time this gives no problem but just
lately the lower molecular weight bands are very fuzzy.  I'm running 10 to
20% gels PAGE gels.  My hunch is this is a salt problem but why is it only
appearing now?  I'm using Sigma Trizma base,  is this O.K.?  Speaking of which
is there any difference between Trizma base and Tris?

Bill Greenhalf
Biotechnology Group,
NEWI Deeside,
Connah's Quay,

E-mail Greenhalfw at Newi.ac.uk

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