Serine protease inhibitors, esp of Subtilisins

David Edward Bradshaw davideb at
Wed May 4 01:20:05 EST 1994

Dear Netters;
	I am curently researching specific inhibition of the 
subtilisin-like serine protease secreted by the fungus _O.piscea_.  Does 
anyone have any ideas on specific inhibitors of the proteinase?  Ideally, 
I wish to interfere with the digestion and uptake of wood proteins by the 
fungus, disrupting the nitrogen utilization pathway and leaving the fungi 
viable, still able to utilize inorganic N-sources (for culture in 
semi-artificial media).  Possible inhibitors currently under consideration 
are EDTA, PMSF, Pefabloc, SDS, DDAC, Boric acids, PQ8, Copper compounds, 
pigment inhibitors, carbodiimide, alpha-2-macroglobulin, 
beta-mercaptoethanol, APMSF, TLCK, and alpha-antitrypsin.  
	The direct utility of these inhibitors is use in wood preservation 
(ie: protection from staining fungi, esp O.p.), so ideally they must be 
water-soluble, with low rates of spontaneous breakdown at approximately 
neutral pH, non-hramful to the wood, relatively non-toxic, and cheap 
enough to use commercially (although this is not such an issue now, as this 
is only being done on a small scale at present).  Any thoughts on this 
matter would be greatly appreciated.  
	A second thought is that there may be a way to block release of 
the enzyme from the fungi. The proteinase is the major secreted protein 
product, and blocking of exocytosis may serve my needs, if there is an 
inhibitor for this purpose available.  My background is in biochemistry, 
so I have much research to do!  
	Anyhow, any thoughts will be of great help.  Please reply by 
email ifpossible, to save the bandwidth.  Thanks in advance for your 
help!  Dave.

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