preferred codon usage in E. coli

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Wed May 4 08:16:21 EST 1994

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>Hello everyone,
>I am currently trying to overexpress a eukaryotic protein using a T7 RNA 
>polymerase promotor system, but am only getting about 1 mg/liter culture of 
>expressed protein.  I am looking for ways to optimize this expresAny  
>can determine which codons are most frequently used in E. coli.  Any other 
>suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

For a table of codons look in the Novagen Catalogue, 1994, p68 (Ref Gribskov
et al NAR 1984, 12, 539-49). For an example of increasing expression of a
gene see Holler et al, Gene 1993, 136, 323-8.

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>Charles Miller, PhD

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