Searching MAb's against hCG (a,b)

Michael R. Schuppenhauer schuppenhauer at
Wed May 4 08:49:03 EST 1994

Hi everybody out there,

        We are working on human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). The idea is
to detect the alpha and the beta chain as well as the complete molecule
in a (Western) Blot with visible light. Therefore we are looking for
MAb's for the alpha chain and the beta chain. Both should also be
detecting the complete molecule, therefore they must not bind at the
connection of alpha and beta.

        To make it more complex we want to detect each subchain in the
Blot at visible giving different color. Therefore one antibody should be
IgG the other different for instance IgM or IgA.

        Therefore we are looking for protocols (if any) MAb's or
references to accomplish it.

        Like does anyone have an idea were to find a Mouse MAb IgM
against the alpha or the beta chain of hCG that is ideally conjugated to
Flourescine, Rhodamine or Biotin (Streptavidin Red)?

        Thanks very much for any thoughts, hints or comments.

                        Michael R. Schuppenhauer
                        ETH Zurich, Switzerland
                        michaelrs at
                        schuppenhauer at

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