preferred codon usage in E. coli

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>For a table of codons look in the Novagen Catalogue, 1994, p68 (Ref Gribskov
>et al NAR 1984, 12, 539-49). For an example of increasing expression of a
>gene see Holler et al, Gene 1993, 136, 323-8.

>Joe Mack, BSc 
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>>Charles Miller, PhD

In addition to Joe's comments, I believe 

deBoer, H.A. & Kastelein, R.A. (1986) in Maximizing Gene Expression, eds. 
Rezinkoff, W & Gold, L. (BUtterworth, Stoneham, MA). pp. 225-285.

is an excellent reference.

Also Springer and Sligar have used this information in the "High-Level 
expression of Sperm Whale Myoglobin in E. coli"  in PNAS 84:8961-8965 (1987) 
for an example of its use.

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