Protein folding software

jason yew jason.yew at
Thu May 5 22:14:10 EST 1994

My friend wishes to ask a question..

Recently a few programs have been written that tackle the problem of 
protein folding:  by analyzing amino acid environments or long-range 
contacts, they check whether a primary sequence can adopt a known 
protein fold.  I'm aware that Skolnick's Matchmaker is available from 
TRIPOS associates, and that Thornton is trying to get a server version 
of her program running, but I haven't been able to find out where I 
can obtain any of the many other programs which have been written. 
Would anybody out there know how I can get the programs from 
Eisenberg (UCLA), Sippl (University of Salzburg), Bryant (nih), 
Crippen, Wolynes, or Schneider?  

Thanks for your help, 
Ulug Unligil and Michael Kobor (ulu at
Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario

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