DSSP program wanted !!

Uwe Hobohm hobohm at embl-heidelberg.de
Mon May 2 04:27:28 EST 1994

In article <9404291441.AA07036 at absalpha.dcrt.nih.gov>, geetha at ABSALPHA.DCRT.NIH.GOV (geetha) writes:
> Hello Netters
> Can anybody help me find DSSP program ? Is there any anon. FTP site or is
> it commercially available ?r? 
> * DSSP -- Dictionary of Sec. Str. Prediction -- Kabsch and Sander.
> Thanks for your help.
> --Geetha

DSSP license agreement
Please fill the DSSP license agreement form, sign, keep a copy, 
and return by paper mail to

Uwe Hobohm
D-69012 Heidelberg

of fax it:
FAX: +49-6221-387 517


The distribution of the DSSP source code (C version) to academic users is performed
using a shell script that automatically prepares the code and sends it via email.
This is done because we want to keep the distribution effort short besides our
scientific work. 

cut here _______________________________________________________________________________

                          ACADEMIC LICENSE AGREEMENT

                             FOR THE PROGRAM DSSP


An academic license agreement for the DSSP program 

(c) W. Kabsch, C. Sander,and MPI-MF, 1983, 1988 

is granted to ....................................

in exchange for the following commitments:

I hereby certify that

	(1) I am an academic user at an academic research institution. In
	    using the software, We will respect the interests of the authors
	    and their institutions.

	(2) I will not use the software in commercial activities without
	    a written commercial license agreement; commercial activities
	    include, in particular, work under contract from a commercial

	(3) I will not redistribute the software to others outside of my
	    immediate research group. I will suggest to other interested
	    research groups to contact the authors directly. When I leave 
            my current institution, I will either delete the software or
            reapply for a new license.

	(4) I will not alter or suppress the run-time copyright message.

	(5) I will acknowledge the program authors on any publication of
	    scientific results based in part on use of the program and 
	    cite the article in which the program was described.

	(6) I will report evidence of program bugs to the authors.

	(7) I will send the source code of any bug corrections and program
	    extensions, major or minor, to the original authors, for free
	    academic use. If I have made major extensions which are incor-
	    porated by the authors, I reserve the right to be appropriately
	    included in any future commercial license agreement.

	(8) I will not extract part of the software, e.g. modules or sub-
            routines, for use in other contexts without permission by the

	(9) I will not use the program in the context of classified research.

Purpose of research:

Full name and institutional address:

Internet email adress:

Date:				Signature:

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