Different entry is same sequence (Re: same sequence is different in EMBL and GENBANK)

Stephen Baird sbaird at mgcheo.med.uottawa.ca
Mon May 9 23:11:51 EST 1994

Reinhard Doelz (doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch) wrote (with a lot deleted):

: We could spend another XX M$ on both sides of the atlantic to have a 
: staff of workers clean up the past, and cope with the flood of the future. 
: But still, this wouldn't help. I think that there's something severely 
: wrong with responsibilities. The researchers don't do what they should, namely 
: take care of their own entries or areas, and correct the entries as appropriate.
: And, for the future, the genome projects should adopt slightly more 
: responsibility for what they produce. Just dumping thousands of low-quality
: data entries to the databases, generated by robots, and complain afterwards
: doesn't help. 

: Regards
: Reinhard Doelz

I like the idea that researchers should be responsible for their entries in
the databases (unfortunately not all of us have organized/clean/up-to-date
lab benches or offices and database entries might reflect that).  I was 
wondering what one should do when a competitor duplicates your entry or
a complete cDNA is sequenced for which there is a EST database entry.
How can the best sequences prevail.

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