Immunoaffinity Purification Using An IgM

Mandy Johnstone udbl119 at
Mon May 9 14:10:01 EST 1994

Hi Folks,
I have a monoclonal antibody which is an IgM and I would like to use it to 
purify the protein that it recognises.  I think the best way to do 
this is by doing an immunoaffinity isolation, linking my antibody to a solid 
support column but I do not know how effective it will be with an IgM antibody 
as apposed to an IgG.  I was wondering if anyone out there has had any 
experience linking IgM abs to a column and the best way to go about this.  
Also is there a commercially available kit that I can buy that you would 
recommend.  I have an abundant supply of the monoclonal.  Many thanks in 


Mandy Johnstone
(M.Johnstone at

King's College, London.

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