Protein folding software

Geoff Barton gjb at
Tue May 10 11:38:47 EST 1994

> My friend wishes to ask a question..

> Recently a few programs have been written that tackle the problem of 
> protein folding:  by analyzing amino acid environments or long-range 
> contacts, they check whether a primary sequence can adopt a known 
> protein fold.  I'm aware that Skolnick's Matchmaker is available from 
> TRIPOS associates, and that Thornton is trying to get a server version 
> of her program running, but I haven't been able to find out where I 
> can obtain any of the many other programs which have been written. 
> Would anybody out there know how I can get the programs from 
> Eisenberg (UCLA), Sippl (University of Salzburg), Bryant (nih), 
> Crippen, Wolynes, or Schneider?  

> Thanks for your help, 
> Ulug Unligil and Michael Kobor (ulu at
> Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics
> University of Toronto
> Toronto, Ontario

You can get Dr. Steve Bryant's program off the ncbi server (
You can get Prof. David Eisenberg's programs from him - 
                                    email to david at edu.ucla.mbi.uclaue.


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