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Tue May 10 11:57:11 EST 1994

In article <2q97o8$i3n at>, max at (Max Cummings) writes:
> I am looking for a unix version (to run on an SGI Indy) of a program called
> Scrutineer which calculates the amino acid composition of proteins
> in databases such as PIR and SWISS-PROT. The program was supposed to be
> (according to Anal. Biochem. 198:330(1991)) at
> under unix software but I could only see a vax version.
> Anybody know where this beast is?
> Max Cummings, MMID, 1-41 Medical Sciences Bldg.,
> University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta,
> Tel: 403-492-7581 or 4696; FAX: 403-492-7521
> max at

Peter Sibbald wrote this procedure during his stay at the EMBL, unfortionately
he left back to Canada.
If you are looking for a program performing a search of your found amino acid
analysis.. then we have something better. [The program gives a ranking -
also looks for Swissprot + PIR - one can also search fast on partial masses
of bigger proteins - and optional pI of the protein can be put in.
The program is called PROPSEARCH and is for Unix-machines.
It was written by the Groups of Sander & the EMBL Protein + Peptide Group.

You can send your aaa-data + eventually MW + ev. pI to
f.i.: hobohm at
or to houthaeve at

If there is enough demand we might even considering putting the program
as a server on the WWW ?

Good luck.

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