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>Subject: Help with Prot.-DNA interactions
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>	I have a problem that I'm hoping that some of you can help me 
>with, thus saving me a great deal of legwork in an unfamiliar subject. 
>While looking at something completely different, we engineered a purine 
>to pyrimidine change into a stretch of DNA that is involved with 
>interactions with a certain protein. (sorry to be so circumspect)
>At any point, we weren't sure what section of this protein was 
>interacting with the DNA and to make a long story short, we are getting a 
>compensatory mutation in the protein which causes a Val to Ile change. 
>While this change is fairly conservative, I was wondering if anybody out 
>there could make any suggestions about what this change might mean. 
>Amoung DNA-protein interactions, are there any noted preferences for a 
>Val over Ile when interacting with a purine, or vise-versa? Even if no 
>one out there can give me a dirrect answer could somebody give a 
>suggestion as to how I could screen a large number of DNA-interacting 
>proteins for possible clues as to what is going on.

>						Thanks in advance,
>							Bob Means

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     A simple interpretation would involve steric factors.
In going from purine to pyrimidine, you have decreased
the size of the nucleotide (assuming this is a ssDNA
binding protein).  In going from val to ile, you are 
making a compensatory increase to fill a potential void.
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