Agarose gels for protein purification?

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Sat May 14 12:58:55 EST 1994

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> Hello!
> My question THIS time is about using agarose gel electrophoresis for the
> purification of proteins.  Has anyone out there had any experience with
> this procedure?  Is it possible to detect the proteins in the agarose gel
> by coomassie blue staining, or do you have to transfer the protiens to a
> membrane first?  Also, is contamination with proteins present in the
> agarose itself a problem?  Any references anyone could send me about this
> procedure would be very greatly appreciated!
> Thank you,
> Ed Beaty
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In the past, I have used agarose gels to separate and analyze (by
coomassie) a very large protein subunit (500,000 M.Wt.) under native
conditions.  I wonder why that method couldn't be scaled up.  The
company FMC has several grades of agrose and I found one of them
suitable for protein work (Diclaimer: I am in no way associated with
that company).  Give it a shot.

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