E. coli and SDS-PAGE

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>    In an undergraduate lab, we are having the students prepare protein
>profiles of a stationary phase E. coli culture using SDS-PAGE.  Currently,
>we spin 50 mls of culture down and resuspend the pellet in 1 ml of 62.5 mm
>Tris pH 6.8, 2% SDS, 5% B-mercapt. and 10% glycerol.  This is then boiled
>for 5 to 10 minutes and the samples then applied to a SDS-PAGE gel.
>    The problem is that the sample is very viscous and near impossible to
>successfully load on a gel.  Typically, after the sample is loaded into the
>wells, and the pipet tip removed, the sample sticks to the tip and is
>removed as a gob into the upper tank buffer.  Very rarely, when a sample is
>overboiled (20+ minutes) and loaded hot, we avoid this problem. 

You can easily loer the viscosity by passing the sample through 25-27G
needles for 5-10 times, which shears the E. coli genome.

Hope this helps.

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