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Thu May 19 14:06:46 EST 1994

In article <1994May14.160654.1 at>, jaensch at writes:
> I use the LysC-Endoproteinase and don't find any information about the
> molecular mass of the enzym! There are also no information in the BOEHRINGER
> MANNHEIM Catalog.
> Is their someone who knows the kDa of LysC ???
> Thank you for help,
> Lothar from IGF-Berlin (Germany)

There are currently 2 different enzymes on the market I believe.
One is sitting in the databank under accesion number : SW:API_ACHLY
and has a molecular mass of 30.000.
The other one, to my information the one BM sells, has only recently been 
sequenced ! (Lottspeich in Muenchen). The mass is in the same range.

If you want to know it exactly, please do contact me again, as I can have
it run on one of our mass spectrometers over here in EMBL.

Tony Houthaeve

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