long palindromes in E. coli?

Mon May 23 12:20:16 EST 1994

Dear Colleagues,
we are working on large-scale production of 150 bp palindromes. Our
palindrome is cloned into pBluescript and takes only 5% of the plasmid.
Although we are getting consistent yields, the production and purification
is not very efficient. Now we are trying to clone multiple palindrome
copies into the plasmid. My question is:
1.   How long can a palindrome in  be, in order to be stable maintained in
an sbcC-  E. coli strain?
2.   Are inverted repeats (w/ spacer) more stable in E. coli than perfect

Andreas Gewiess (gewiessa at biovx1.bio.ornl.gov)
Univ. of .Tennessee,
Oak Ridge Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
ORNL, Biol. Div.

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