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Malinda Garris garris at
Fri May 27 12:43:57 EST 1994

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), with the assistance of Garcia
Consulting Inc., is in the process of identifying potential sources of
molecular sequence data.  Specifically, we are looking for any nucleic and
amino acid sequence information maintained by you or your organization that
is not already included in one of the primary sequence databases, e.g.
The purpose of this activity is to assist the USPTO in establishing sources
of prior art that may be relevant to claims asociated with biotechnology
patent applications, and thus to the patentability of biotechnology
If your organization is aware of or maintains such information,please
answer the following questions and e-mail response to Malinda Garris :
garris at

1) What is the history of the database, i.e. how and why was it developed,
from what source, who developed it?
2) Is the database a subset of another database?
3) Who are the primary users of the database?
4) What (sources) are the major contributors to maintain the database?
5) Do you plan to continue to maintain the database?

Thank you in advance.

Malinda J. Garris
garris at

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