LAP specificity

Pedro Fernandez Murray pedro at
Wed Nov 2 12:18:22 EST 1994

I am studying the effect of substrate phosphorylation on aminopeptidase
activity. Preliminary experiments carried out with Leucine aminopeptidase=

(LAP) purified from swine kidney using a synthetic heptapeptide=20
(L-R-R-A-S-L-G) as substrate have shown that the peptide was hydrolyzed t=
its constituent aminoacids. These results are not in accordance with the =
previously reported LAP substrate specificity, since, in my hands the enz=
could hydrolyze basic residues of this synthetic peptide. Please, I would=

appreciated bibliographic references dealing with the substrate specifici=
studies on the LAP of swine kidney (or bovine lens). Any additional comme=
will be welcome.
                                          Pedro Fernandez Murray=20
                                           <pedro at>

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