Old HP HPLC software wanted

fintan_v at Msu.oscs.montana.edu fintan_v at Msu.oscs.montana.edu
Mon Nov 7 12:13:52 EST 1994

We are in a bind and would appreciate any help offered with the following

We are using an old HP 79994A workstation to run a HPLC. We would like to be
able to take the files generated by this machine, and use some of the nice high
tech curve fitting programs that are available. The problem is that this
workstation uses a propriatary system that makes the disks (720k 3 1/2")
unreadable on a PC. We have contacted HP and they told us that they used to
have software that could be put onto a PC and would allow reading of the disks.
However they no longer sell the program (discontinued). 

Does anyone have a copy of this software that we could have?
It is called "I2080A LIF Files Utility"

Alternatively does anyone know of any other software capable of carrying out
this reading/conversion task.


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