pdb on cd-rom...HELP!!!!

owens at garnet.berkeley.edu owens at garnet.berkeley.edu
Wed Nov 9 14:54:16 EST 1994

here's hoping that someone will know what I'm asking here...

I've got the distribution files from the protein data bank
in brookhaven on cd-rom and I'm trying to get it set up
on a powermac.  My problem is getting the kinemage application
to run correctly...I can get MAGE to run but I need PREKIN
to "massage" the PDB datafiles into kinemage format (? from
what I understand).  I used StuffIt to translate the one
.hqx file I found and it seems only to correspond to mage.
How do I get the PREKIN application???  I hope and pray that
someone knows the answer to this because it's driving me
insane and the documentation I have doesn't say anything 
about the nuts and bolts of setting up the applications,
so I feel like a total moron!! If you have any advice,
email me at
owens at predcent.berkeley.edu
and I'll be forever grateful.

christine owens

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