Chitinase assay

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Thu Nov 10 17:33:09 EST 1994

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> I am trying to find a good and fast chitinase assay for culture supernatants.
> All the references I have, get an extended digestion of the type of chitin 
> used as substrate in hours or two days at most, but with my samples it takes 
> even more than a week. I think that the chitinases I'm working with have
> an extremely lowest activity than the ones used in the assays from the 
> references.
> I tried using chitin azure (chitin dyed with Remazol Brilliant Violet 5R),
> but after four days of incubation there is no change in OD, even in those 
> samples taken for cultures that were degrading colloidal chitin (so I 
> know that the enzymes were active when I started the assay).
> I would strongly appreciate any suggestion you can give me.
> Thanks in advance,
>                              Gemma
Maybe your "chitinase" is not a chitinase?  dc

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