Heat inactivation, Technique?

Jean-Manuel Henry ez041797 at rocky.ucdavis.edu
Thu Nov 10 06:26:13 EST 1994

Hi, I am an undergraduate doing an internship in a lab.  My project is to
study the heat stabilities of ATP sulfurylase from a mesophile and a
thermophile.  At this point all that I am trying to do is to obtain nice
looking semilog plots of remaining activity vs. time.  I am incubating
thew enzymes at 60 C and stopping the inactivation at different times by
diluting an aliquot from the incubation mixture into ice cold buffer.  My
problem is that I am having difficulty getting "nice" lines which are
reproducible).  I am wondering if anyone has done this type of thing
before and has any suggestions on how to reduce error. Any tips would be
very helpful, thanks. 

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