DNA fingerprinting in the forensic sciences

Fri Nov 11 08:32:23 EST 1994

>Posted on 10 Nov 1994 at 19:15:25 by CORRIGAN S
>             I am researching the pros and cons of the methods
>involved both by the police and scientists (ie. creating data banks,
>what are the legalities of taking samples from people, what kind of
>standards do different labs follow and what is being done to come up
>with a general standard for all, molecular biologists to follow

          Best advice is to look at the October 27 1994 issue of NATURE
(see Nature 371: 735-738) for an article by Lander & Budowle.  As you
will see, the general standards have been set, the boundary conditions
have been agreed to, and the technique is on very firm scientific ground.
In short, the things that you might hope are being done HAVE been done!
Good luck with your report!

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