cytochrome C modification

Gruppo Biodevices biodev at moana
Mon Nov 14 11:15:34 EST 1994


Hi world!
I'm a PH.D. student in protein chemistry 
at the Institute of Biophysiscs of Genova (Italy)
I'm searching for people that work in this 
field and especially (but not only...) on
 cytochrome C modification. 
The aim of our research is the realization 
of LangmuirBlodgett films of cytochromes for bioelectronics.
If you are involved in this field or you 
are interested to protein chemistry, please write to me :

Marco Lanzi
Inst. of Biophysics
University of Genova


fax: ++39-10-6513106
tel: ++39-10-6516052 

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