Amphipathicity program

Wim Vranken wvranken at
Thu Nov 17 11:11:38 EST 1994


I'm looking for a program for PC or SG that can give a qualitative measure
of the possible amphipathicity of a helix. The input would be only the
primary sequence, which (I think) could then be 'put' onto a helical
wheel, followed by a kind of summation of the hydrophobic vectors. I've 
been searching for such a program for some time now (without succes, 
obviously), which makes me wonder if it's so easy to write that nobody 
asks for it or that it's so difficult to write that nobody wants to give 
it away! Anyway, I hope you can enlighten me!

Thanks already,

Wim Vranken
Biomolecular NMR unit
University of Gent, Belgium

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