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Thu Nov 17 11:30:26 EST 1994

>I have just begun a research project aimed at creating a
>polymeric controlled release system for rabbit gamma-interferon. 
>I am looking for an assay to determine the amount of interferon released
>by our system. The procedure would have to be able yield a good resolution
>at concentrations in the neighborhood o 30-80 picograms/ml. I have tried
>the Eliza assay; however, I have found it too cumbersome to test 200-300
>samples by this method. I was wondering if anyone knows of any alternatives.
>If anyone has any suggestions, or if anyone has worked with interferons,
>I would appreciate an email sent to my account. Thank you.
>Jason Wertheim

Probably the best, easiest, cheapest, and the original way INTERFERons were
described was by their bioassay for interfering with virus replication. These
can be done in 96 well plates, the readout is endpoint dilution for cytopathic
effect of the virus (usually VSV) on appropriate cells. This will give you
units of activity, not mass of proteins. Also, you may have to hunt for an
appropriate system to measure rabbit IFN, as IFNs are nearly always species-
specific. For a good description of this type of assay, check out Current
Protocols in Immunology.

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