Potato Trypsin Inhibitors

T H Rogers T.H.Rogers at durham.ac.uk
Thu Nov 17 07:39:43 EST 1994

Hi, I'm a 3rd yr molecular biologist currently doing reseach for my 
dissertation. The lab I'm working in has some transgenic potatoes 
expressing cowpea trysin inhibitor.  My mission, (should I choose to 
accept it!), is to purify the cpti from these potatoes.  I know potatoes 
are packed full of all sorts of enzyme inhibitors, including trypsin, so 
how should I go about trying to get out the cpti with as little fuss as 
possible, without discovering after 6 weeks work that I hvae the wrong 
	Apparently we have a trypsin affinity column that could be 
resurrected, otherwise its hte normal methods, ammonium sulphate ppt, 
sephadex columns etc.
	Any help would be greatly appreciated, as my youth and 
inexperience means that I don't really know where to start.
	Please reply by email. 

Thanks alot, Trog.

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