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  Abderrahmane Bahri, an engineer of the Centre National de la Recherche 
Scientifique (CNRS), working at the National Synchrotron Centre LURE 
at Orsay, France,was expelled on August 31, 1994 from France. A. Bahri
is an Algerian national, living in France since 1987, married with one 
son. The French government used the "absolute emergency act", an exceptional 
procedure based on laws by which decisions may bypass ordinary judicial
procedures on the grounds of state security.  No evidence has been furnished to 
support the charges brought against A. Bahri and he is denied all possibility 
of a hearing in courts. He has claimed his innocence from the beginning and has 
publically expressed his desire to return to France and the right to a fair 
  Upon learning the plight of their colleague, the personnel at LURE decided to 
form a Committee of solidarity with Abderrahmane Bahri to secure the suspension
of the expulsion order and to allow A. Bahri a normal judicial procedure to 
answer any charges held against him. The Committee is circulating a petition 
that has already received some 4200 signatures, most of them from French 
universities and research centres. The Administrative Council of the University
Paris XI at Orsay, as well as the "Comité Paritaire" of the CNRS have issued 
a motion asking for the suspension of the expulsion order and the start of a 
regular court hearing. The "Comité de Defense des Hommes de Science" of the 
French Academy of Science, presided by François Jacob (Nobel laureate), as well
as the Commission for Human Rights of the French Physical Society, have
written letters to the Minister of the Interior with the same request.
 We condemn without reserve all acts of violence perpetrated by terrorist groups
in Algeria. We are convinced, nevertheless, that the answer to terrorist acts 
must respect basic elements of  democracy and the legal rights of the 
  The formal hearing of the case will take place on December 1st at the 
Administrative Tribunal in Versailles.
  We would like to sollicit the support of the international scientific 
community to add to the already strong response of the French scientific 
community to obtain a rapid solution to the plight of our colleague. If you 
wish to give your support to Abderrahmane Bahri, send the following message 
to our address, abahri at

"I wish to give my support to the action of the Committee of Solidarity with 
A. Bahri in their effort to obtain the suspension of the expulsion order and 
the start of a regular judiciary procedure."


P.S. if you have responded to our earlier call, please ignore this one.
         Thank you,
                     Comite de soutine a Abderrahmane Bahri

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