Carbohydrate against DNA

Thomas Hiesberger hiesi at
Mon Nov 21 11:25:16 EST 1994


I like to purify DNA out of chicken egg yolk. I always end up with a
stuff that looks and behaves similar to DNA but is not DNA. I think it is
a carbohydrate. I wonder if somebody could give me an idea how to remove
this substance. 
Now more exactly: I dilute the yolk and make an over night Protein
degradation with proteinase K. Then I perform a Phenol/Chloroform
extraction. After the precipitation with isopropanol I get this white
huge pellet which is not DNA. This Substance cannot be removed with
Phenol, not digested with amylase or with hyaluronidase. It is water
soluble (better soluble in acidic solution), makes a kind of gel in basic
solution. And makes me nervous. What is it? How to remove it. I would be
grateful for any help

Thomas Hiesberger
Institute for molecular genetics
University Vienna

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