free energies.

Rafael Iosef Najmanovich Szeinfeld {S szeinfel at SNFMA1.IF.USP.BR
Wed Nov 23 13:02:13 EST 1994

	Hi Netter's,
	I would like some references which calculate or measure the free 
energy change (DG) in transfering an alanine or glycine from water to a 
nonpolar solvent and the free energy change for the transfer of a valine 
from the same nonpolar solvent to water, all this to have an idea (quite 
approximated) about the ratio between the DG of a hydrogen bond and the 
DG of a hidrophobic interaction.
	I know that the data I'm asking for is not enough to adress my 
problem but it may be seen as a first aproximation.
	Sincerly yours,
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