2nd Circular - SCA XTAL-19 - Ballarat, Australia, Apr, 1995.

Lachlan Cranswick lachlan at dmp.csiro.au
Mon Nov 28 06:08:14 EST 1994

                           SECOND CIRCULAR

                   The Nineteenth Meeting of the 
             Society of Crystallographers in Australia

                             CRYSTAL  XIX

              Tuesday 18th to Friday 21st April, 1995

                 University of Ballarat, Victoria

                Call for Registration and Abstracts

(The "complete" registration form is available on request by contacting 
the conference office.)

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	c/- Crystal XIX Conference Office, CSIRO Division of Mineral 
	PO Box 124, Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3207.
	(ref. Dr Ian Grey or Mr Lachlan Cranswick)

	E-mail: 	XTAL-19 at dmp.csiro.au

	Phone: 	(61-3)-647-0211
	Fax: 		(61-3)-646-3223

Alison Edwards	Melbourne University, Chemistry Dept, Parkville, 3052
	Phone: (61-3)-344-6471	Fax: (61-3)-347-5180
	E-mail:   edwards at incvax.dn.mu.oz.au

Mike Lawrence	Biomolecular Research Institute, Parkville, 3052
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	E-mail:   mike at mel.dbe.csiro.au

Ian Grey 	CSIRO Division of Mineral Products, PO Box 124,
	Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207.
	Phone: (61-3)-647-0211, 	Fax: (61-3)-646-3223
	E-mail:   iang at dmp.csiro.au

Lachlan Cranswick 	CSIRO Division of Mineral Products, PO Box 124,
	Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207.
	Phone: (61-3)-647-0211, 	Fax: (61-3)-646-3223, 
	E-mail:   lachlan at dmp.csiro.au

Andrew Stevenson	CSIRO Division of Materials Science and Technology, 
	Rosebank MDC, Clayton, Vic. 3169
	Phone: (61-3)-542-2917	Fax: (61-3)-544-1128
	E-mail:   stevens at rivett.mst.csiro.au

Jonathan White	Melbourne University, Chemistry Dept, Parkville, 3052
	Phone: (61-3)-344-4621	Fax: (61-3)-347-5180
	E-mail:   jonathan_white at muwayf.unimelb.edu.au

The Organising Committee invites all crystallographers to attend Crystal 
XIX, the Nineteenth Meeting of the Society of Crystallographers in 
Australia. The conference will be held at the University of  Ballarat in 
country Victoria, from the evening of Tuesday the 18th of April ('Easter 
Tuesday') to lunchtime on Friday the 21st of April, 1995.

Immediately following Crystal XIX at the University will be a two day 
inorganic solid state chemistry conference, the "Bevan Fest", to mark the 
formal retirement of Professor "Judge" Bevan from Flinders University.  
More details are given on the last page.

Ballarat University is set on 110 hectares in a natural bushland setting 
about 10 km south east of the city of Ballarat.  Very pleasant on-campus 
accommodation is provided by the Mount Helen Residence, capable of 
accommodating 514 people in single bed/study rooms.  Games room, kitchen 
areas, laundries and outdoor barbecue facilities are available in the 
residential complex.  Excellent recreational facilities are available 
including fully equipped gymnasia, jogging and walking tracks and an 
Arboretum. All meals are provided by the University's catering service and 
fully licensed Bar facilities serve the various function rooms.  Numerous 
motels and other forms of accommodation are available within a few 
kilometres of the campus are some are given on page 6.

The University has a full range of lecture and seminar facilities. It also 
has full AARNet access, Internet and E-mail access which can be easily 
arranged on request for all participants. 

Ballarat's weather can be quite variable in April.  Please allow for both 
mild to hot days and cold nights.

Ballarat University is one and a half hours drive from the centre of 
Melbourne.  A map showing how to get there will be included in the final 
circular (Feb. 95).  There are up to six shuttle bus services per day from 
Tullamarine airport to Ballarat. Cost, about $20 each way. Numbers 
permitting (minimum of 4 passengers per trip), these buses will detour to 
the University campus. The committee will help coordinate private car 
transport from Melbourne. Train and private bus services also run from the 
centre of Melbourne to Ballarat.  Please indicate your form of transport 
on the conference registration form.  Rental cars from Melbourne's 
Tullamarine Airport cost upwards from around $55 per day which includes 
insurance and unlimited mileage. 

The Conference Lecture will be presented by the 1987 Fellow, Professor 
Michael Hart, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Manchester.  He 
will speak on new developments, applications and future directions for 
synchrotron studies in Materials Science.

It is anticipated that the majority of talks will be drawn from the 
submitted abstracts.  We particularly welcome both oral and poster 
presentations from students.  In addition to the usual topic areas 
(protein crystallography, inorganic and mineral structures, etc) we 
encourage contributions in areas such as :-

	Applications of synchrotron radiation
	Structure studies using less traditional methods such as XANES, 
        EXAFS, MASNMR, DAFS, etc.
	Structure determinations using electron microscopy/diffraction 
        (TEM/SAED), and neutron diffraction.
	Crystallographic teaching
	New developments in crystallographic hardware/software

Posters will be displayed throughout the conference.  There will be a 
poster session on the Wednesday evening, accompanied by refreshments.

A mixer will be held on the Tuesday evening.  This will be supplemented by 
a wine tasting presented by a local wine maker (Dominique Portet, Taltarni 
Vineyard).  Non drinkers will be catered for!  :-)

Various activities are planned for the Thursday afternoon, depending on 
interest shown.  These include a visit to Sovereign Hill (an 1850's gold 
rush theme park), a tour of Pyrenees Wineries and a tour of Ballarat and 
its surrounds.  Please indicate on the registration form if you are 
interested in participating in one of these activities.

The Poster Session will be held on the Wednesday evening, with 
refreshments provided.

The Conference Dinner is on the Thursday evening, with an after-dinner 
talk by Professor Alec Moodie.  Professor Moodie has graciously agreed to 
give a talk encompassing some history/ personal reminiscences associated 
with Professor Sandy Mathieson's distinguished career at CSIRO (Chemical 
Physics).  Such a talk is particularly timely given the approach of 
Professor Mathieson's 75th birthday and the centenary of the discovery of 


The "complete" registration form is available by contacting the conference 
office.  A Postscript versions of the complete 2nd circular can also be 
obtained by anonymous ftp to :-

sol.dmp.csiro.au:/pub/xtallography/xtal-19/2nd-a4.ps   (A4 Paper Size)
sol.dmp.csiro.au:/pub/xtallogrpahy/xtal-19/2nd-let.ps  (Letter Paper Size)

We will accept late registrations from Honours and postgraduate students 
who commence their studies after 1st February and attempt to organise 
accommodation for them.  Note that in addition to single-room on-campus 
accommodation, there are a number of budget priced motels/hotels close to 
the University, see examples on page 6.  Please indicate your preference 
on the registration form.

An abstract submission form is given with the complete second circular 
(available from the conference office) fsmust be submitted with each 
abstract.  The deadline for abstract submission is the 1st February, 1995.  
You are asked to indicate on the form whether you have a preference for an 
oral submission but please remember that there are a limited number of 
lecture slots available.  

Abstracts must not be more than one A4 page in length and should adhere to 
the style in the complete second circular.  Please use an 11pt Times Roman 
font if available, an A4 page size and margins of 3cm all around. The 
presenting author is underlined.  The completed book of abstracts will 
allot one A4 page per abstract.  We are planning to process and print the 
abstracts ourselves.  Therefore, in addition to the hardcopy of your 
abstract we require an electronic submission.  This can be on an IBM 
formatted computer disk or E-mail.  We are able to deal with many word-
processor formats but prefer Word for Windows 2.0, Word for DOS, Word5 
(Macintosh) or Wordperfect.  If you wish to submit by E-mail, convert the 
binary document file into an ASCII equivalent using either the MIME or 
UUENCODE protocols.  If you are unsure of how to do this, ask your local 
system manager or computer guru.  Most decent E-mail programs can support 
one of the above.  E-mail submissions and queries should be sent to 
XTAL-19 at dmp.csiro.au.

Posters will be displayed throughout the conference and there will be one 
organised poster session on the Wednesday evening.  The space available 
for each poster will be 1.2m wide and 1.4m high, on light blue cloth 
screens.  Attachments will be via Velcro fasteners and will be available 
at the meeting.

(Current Prices Given.  For International Calls Replace 053 with 61-53)

Red Lion Hotel,                          Ballarat Colony Motor Inn,
221 Main Road, Ballarat                  Melbourne Road, Ballarat
Phone: (053)-313-955                     Phone: (053)-347-788
Fax: (053)-334-066                       Fax: (053)-347-834
Single: $72.00 (inc brkfast)             Single: $69.00
Double: $82.00                           Double: $79.00

Ballarat Village Conference Centre       Ballarat Miners' Retreat Motel
613 Main Road, Ballarat                  602 Eureka St.
Phone: (053)-313-588                     Phone: (053)-316-900
Fax: (053)-333-042                       Fax: (No Fax)
Single: $72.00                           Single: $36
Double: $72.00                           Double: $47

We would like to set up a facility whereby registrants can informally 
demonstrate and discuss software used in their laboratories.  We have a 
DOS/MS-Windows PC.  However, we would also like to have at least a SUN and 
Silicon Graphics Workstation available.  Anybody who could provide and 
maintain such computer equipment please contact Lachlan Cranswick 
(lachlan at dmp.csiro.au).  It is intended to have all the computers linked 
to the internet for easy downloading of software.

(21-22 April 1995 at Ballarat University Immediately following Crystal 
XIX, at the same venue).

A meeting will be held to celebrate the career and achievements of 
Professor "Judge" Bevan, and to mark his formal retirement from the 
Flinders University of South Australia.  The meeting will commence on the 
afternoon of Friday 21 and conclude with a dinner on the evening of 
Saturday 22 April.  The theme of the meeting will be inorganic solid state 
chemistry, especially non-stoichiometry (including thermo-dynamics) and 
fluorite-related structures.  The program will consist of a series of 
review lectures and informal discussions.

Participants of Crystal XIX are cordially invited to attend the meeting 
and the dinner.  Please indicate on the registration from if you require 
the extra 2 nights accommodation to attend.  Further information can be 
obtained from Allan Pring, Tel: (61-8)-207-7449, Fax: (61-8)-207-7222.


(Novatel Bayside Hotel, Melbourne, 23-24 April 1995).

A reminder that the AXAA (Australian X-ray Analytical Association) is 
running a two day workshop for users of the Rietveld method, following 
Crystal XIX and the Bevan Fest.  Further details from Ian Madsen, 
Tel: (61-3)-647-0366, Fax: (61-3)-646-3223, E-mail: ianm at dmp.csiro.au.


(Ballarat University, 21st April 1995).

A 125th anniversary commences at the University on Friday 21st April with 
a one day convention "Gold in Victoria".  Some registrants may be 
interested in participating in the various activities.  For further 
details, contact Ross Ramsay, 
Tel: (61-53)-279-290  Fax: (61-53)-279-144.

Lachlan Cranswick  -  CSIRO     _--_|\  lachlan at dmp.CSIRO.AU
Division of Mineral Products   /      \ tel +61 3 647 0367
339 Williamstown Rd,           \_.--._/ fax +61 3 646 3223
Port Melbourne, Australia, 3207      v                     

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