Olomoucine, a cdc2 Protein Kinase inhibitor?

Bernard Maro maro at ccr.jussieu.fr
Wed Nov 30 05:10:34 EST 1994

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> Hello,
> I am interested in finding out about a cdc2 protein kinase inhibitor that 
> Promega now sell which is called Olomoucine.  In particular how it works and 
> has anyone out there used it or can comment on how good it performed in 
> their hands.  Many thanks in advance.
> Mandy. 
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> Mandy Johnstone
> (M.Johnstone at bay.cc.kcl.ac.uk)
> King's College, London.

It also inhibits MAP kinase ! In our hands, tested on mouse eggs, it only
worked for a few hours (1-3 ?). It may be inactivated or destroyed, we do
not know yet !

Bernard Maro
Institut Jacques Monod, Paris

Bernard Maro
Institut Jacques Monod
CNRS - Paris 7

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