Help! Hexyl-CoA-Agarose

B. Ganesh Bhat gbhat at
Wed Nov 30 16:22:52 EST 1994

Help!  Help!  Help!
I am working on purification of monoacylglycerol acyltransferase. I use 
hexyl-CoA-agarose (also called Agarose-hexane-CoenzymeA or AGCoA Type 5)
as one of the affinty chromatography step in purification procedure. This
column material is no more available commercially (Pharmacia, P-L Bioche
micals, US Biochemicals used to sell this). I have ran out of this column
material and what I have has lost its binding property. If any one, by
chance, has hexyl-CoA-agarose and doesnt have much use of this, or if any 
one knows who sells, please let me know.
Thanks for your help.
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